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Venezuela: 'Why you grow old quickly here'

Venezuela: 'Why you grow old quickly here'

Wherever Julia Castro walks, no matter what time of the day, she has to constantly check over her shoulder.

"You are never certain of anything - you go out in the morning, and things can change in a moment."
The 19-year-old medicine student is living in the grip of a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.
Skyrocketing inflation is destroying people's lives - basic items such as food, medicine and toiletries are unaffordable.
Combined with huge political unrest and uncertainty, the country is being pushed to the brink.
Julia lives in El Cafetal in the east of the capital of Caracas.
"It was not known as a dangerous area but people come here to go through garbage bags for food.
"If someone calls you on your mobile phone, it's scary because if people see you have one, it can be stolen."
Julia says these people aren't bad or mean - they're "just trying to survive".
Survive is a word that isn't used loosely by people in Venezuela.
This is a country where a study has found that nine out of 10 people can't afford their daily food.
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